I am Christian Enright.

Certified Training Manager and Restauranteur.

Me, in black & white

Doolgo & Christian Enright

Doolgo.com is actully not my name. I know, insane! It's a made up word, meaning your mom.
Christian Enright is my name, and I'm, a restaurant manager with over 6 years of customer service under my belt.
I lead my team to serve up an excellent guest experience!
From understanding P&L sheets, to scheduling, down to making sure every team member is trained to execute their role and take care of our guests.
I have a proven track record in building effective teams and implementing intuitive solutions to everyday tasks.

My Skills

Operations Management

Web Design

Team building

Members on my team
Years of experience
6 month A/B grade
Stores lead

My Team Photos

Chipotle logo on storefront CTM team photo Christmas group photo
When we got R promtion Team CTM photo Me cheesin'!

Contact Me

3050 S Hulen St Unit C Fort Worth, TX

Phone: (817) 374-0352

Email: [email protected]