Christian Enright founder

Last edited on Decemeber 3, 2015

Christian Enright, founder.

Not much to say. My name is Christian. This is my domain called

Think of this domain as an "etc." website. No true ambition to accomplish anything. It's like me, indesicive, no real direction, and not sure of anything yet.

There's not much else to say about myself at the moment, since I'm not really "done" with any big moments. :)

When the blog-like feature for my website is built, this /C domain will be all of the posts created by me. Until then, it's just... this. It'll be a while. I'm still pretty new as this. Building it by myself, sort of. Thanks TMN.

(This is mainly such a "basic" page, as most kids my age would refer to it, because this isn't my About me page. Located here.)

Don't click the link on my name, it's redundant. Still keeping it though.