About me

Doolgo, and me, Christian Enright.

Doolgo.com has always been my playground. My digital playgrond. I've experiemented with CSS, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5, and recently databasing.

Doolgo.com has never had a real purpose other than giving me bragging rights that I know more about creating a website more than the average Joe.

Well, it's time Doolgo.com got a real purpose. My portfolio. A home for all of the things I do on the internet. You might ask, why don't you just purchase your name as your domain?

Two reasons:

  1. Doolgo.com was made first, it's a much shorter phrase, too
  2. Becuase I don't want another website.

Maybe I'll eventually purchase it and have it redirect here. Who knows. Until then, Doolgo.com is my main website.

This is the final design, I hope that everyone enjoys it. As you've probably guess by now, Doolgo will now have a blog. A technology blog. It will be updated daily, sometimes more often than not because of the news that day.

I also hope you guys like the new font. It is Montserrat, you can find it here

The main reason for a new font is because this one is simply beautiful. It is used for all of my headings, and capitalized for my logo. This new approach to showing my logo will improve load speeds on the site. This is because it's loading fancy text now as opposed to a fancy logo image. :)

I hope you guys enjoy the new site. Stuff is still being incoporated, this is just the beginning of a whole new era for Doolgo. :)

One last thing, HUGE thanks to Start Bootstrap for the wonderful CSS and stock images. :) Be sure to check them out, maybe they can help make your site a bit less ugly like they did to mine. ;)

-Christian, Doolgo.com